22 December 2010

picture of their moms

My mom, in the backseat of a Trans Am, 1987.—submitted by thirdeyecontact

This is my beautiful mother, Carole showing off the ring my father had bought for her in the late 1960’s.  I had always admired it in our photo album as a child, and after she died in 2007, it was the first one I put in a frame so I can look at it every day.  I miss my best friend so much, but I always feel better when I look at this picture. I love you mom…—Submitted by torvickia

This is a photo of my mom that she developed and hand colored during the 70’s. She was living on a sailboat with her boyfriend at that time. She had so many great adventures; I hope one day I will too.—submitted by bythewayandparenthetically

My mother, Mary Frances Hatman, was born in the small farming town of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma on December 7, 1923. The day she turned 18 was the same day of the Pearl Harbor attack. She vowed that she would do her part and soon became determined to join the Women’s Army Corp. At first she was refused for being entirely too thin and dismissed at once. She tried again later but still too thin. However, now the recruiting officer knowing she was truly wanting to join, gave her a big tip on how to gain some weight before she came back a month later to try again. “Eat lots of bananas” he told her. So she did, gained the appropriate weight and soon was able to go and serve Uncle Sam! She worked at the Pentagon during those heady war years and after the war she left for Mexico City to work at the US Embassy there to help administrate the newly begun GI bill which helped young soldiers further their college education. It was there that she met my Dad who worked for American Airlines and the two of them went on to have a family of eight children. She died in 1986 much too early at the age of 62 from breast cancer. I will always remember that brightness in her green eyes (her left eye doused with a sprinkling of rich brown freckles) and the excitement in her voice as she recalled those memorable times of patriotic service to her country, our beloved USA!— submitted by Kathleen Haney

an inspiring blog with the photos of moms submitted by different people
more of that are the stories behind
telling about those great moms

love reading stories of others' lives
and i love old things which i think is the most inspiring things in the world

i got addicted


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