17 March 2012

aprily sin @jccac

some quick shots at today's handicraft fair
my first time showing my pieces to the public
glad to meet some people who appreciate them :D
thanks so much!


7 March 2012

silhouette to the power of ten

neil barrett fw 2012
they will never be out of the trend
the simplest cut never die


4 March 2012

miss mix

simone rocha fw 2012

a mix of textile and translucency
with a shine of silver
layering in clean silhouette
oh! my cup of tea!

image via style.com


aprily sin debut

i m going to show the public my designs
super super nervous about, everything

not many pieces are done now
packaging is still a headache
designs are not quite solid
just this and that
making things very spontaneously
it cannot be called a collection

just hope that i can gain fun in it

if you happen to be in hk
come and visit the fair
support me and fellow local designers :D

more info: http://www.jccac.org.hk/